Information for parents and carers

The survey

Your child is being invited to take part in a research study. Their school will send a parent and carers information sheet with you. This will provide you information about who is conducting the research, the purpose of the research, your child’s involvement, data protection and confidentiality.


If you don’t want your child to take part, you are encouraged to discuss with your child and seek their views, and if you wish ‘opt-out’ your child by returning a form to the Kailo team. This approach seeks to place primary emphasis on the rights of the child whilst keeping parents/carers informed and able to respond to any concerns they have.

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Young people have the choice about whether or not they part and complete the survey. If young people do not want to take part, they do not have to.

Schools should share the information provided about the survey to children at least 24 hours ahead of planned survey implementation (ideally at least a week before). When logging on to the survey, young people then have the option to consent to take part, or not.

If they decide not to, alternative classroom activities should be planned for and provided. The exception is when there are reservations about a young person’s capacity to understand and make an informed decision about participation (e.g. if there is a learning disability or cognitive impairment that would affect their ability to make such an informed decision). In these cases, then consent from parents or carers will be required. Regardless, if a young person does not wish to participate, this will always be respected.

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