The Deeper Discovery Phase

Ediane de Lima

In the Deeper Discovery phase of Kailo we have been engaging in co-design activities with young people, community professionals and systems leaders in Newham and Northern Devon to develop strategies to support young people’s mental health based on priorities established in the Early Discovery phase of the programme. This blog provides an overview of how we are approaching this in Kailo.

What is co-design?

Co-design is at the heart of Kailo, and is one of the main methods we are using when working with local communities to bring about positive change for young people’s mental health and wellbeing. 

This quote helps to articulate one way of describing co-design:

“[Co-design] an approach to designing with, not for, people. While co-design is helpful in many areas, it typically works best where people with lived experience, communities and professionals work together to improve something that they all care about. Overall, the primary role of co-design is elevating the voices and contributions of people with lived experience.”

Kelly-Ann McKercher | Beyond Sticky Notes ​

How are we doing this in Kailo?

We have invited young people and community members to contribute to Deeper Discovery phase in 2 key ways.

Small circles: The power of young people’s lived and learned experiences

Young people, community workers and our Kailo community partners (local organisations working to support young people) are driving this work in the small-circles of co-design. Each site (Newham and Northern Devon) has two small circles of co-design, each with 7-12 young people and 2-4 community members. The aim of these small circles is to:

Big Circles: Mobilising local lived, learned and professional experience and leadership

Small circles are supported by a wider group of community workers, professionals, leaders and influencers who are part of the Big circle of community professionals and system leaders. Some of the aims of this circle include: 

These circles happen every couple of months. More than 40 stakeholders working and living in Northern Devon attended our last Big Circle session. The individuals in this Big circle also influence and support the Deeper Discovery work in less structured ways, through regular conversations with Kailo team members.

Circle Image

These two circles are also supported by (a) wider knowledge from research we have done in Early Discovery and continue to do within the community, by participating in local events and considering young people’s voices outside of the small circle (circle of research), and (b) the knowledge and expertise of those who might not be able to engage in the project in more regular and structured spaces, but still want to support the work, ideas and strategies that get developed (Wider circle of influencers). 

What happens next?

By the end of this co-design process we hope to develop local strategies that: